Nepal-Israel Relations

CeDiD is organizing an event to depict the relation between Nepal and Israel completing 58 glorious years of diplomatic ties since its establishment on 01 June 1960.

Nepal has been supporting Israel internationally from the beginning of its establishment. Israel opened its embassy in Kathmandu in March 1961. The Nepalese ambassador to Egypt was appointed as the ambassador of Israel for the first time. Nepal also opened an honorary consulate of Nepal in Israel in 1993 and an embassy in 2007.

Nepal was the first and until recently the only country in South Asia to recognize the existence of Israel. Nepal maintains diplomatic relations and continues to support Israel’s right to survive within secure and internationally recognized borders. Economic ties between Israel and Nepal are developing. Israel provides technical skills to Nepal, and Nepal provides manpower to Israel.

The chamber of commerce of both nations has trade links as well. The Israel-Nepal Chamber of Commerce is part of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, and is headed by Anat Bernstein-Reich and Raviv Byron. The Nepal-Israel Chamber of Commerce based in Kathmandu was established in 2020 and a memorandum of understanding to enhance collaboration was signed between the two sister chambers.

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